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PDBID Method Resolution Release Date NLP types # NLPs H3 H4 H2A H2B H1 Dna variant Dna length Title Authors DOI Publication H3 taxa H4 taxa H2A taxa H2B taxa H1 taxa Release Year Interactors Interactor categories Interactor UIDS Histone UIDS Q-score
0 5AY8 X-ray 2.8 2016-04-06 octamer 1 H3.Y canonical_H4 canonical_H2A canonical_H2B alphasat_146 145 Crystal structure of human nucleosome containing H3.Y Kujirai, T., Horikoshi, N., Sato, K., Maehara, K., Machida, S., Osakabe, A., Kimura, H., Ohkawa, Y., Kurumizaka, H. 10.1093/nar/gkw202 27016736 Homo sapiens Homo sapiens Homo sapiens Homo sapiens 2016 P0DPK2, P06899, P04908, P62805 -